Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trip to the High Museum of Art!

Mrs. Gunter and I as Diego and Frida!
Mrs. Gunter and I (Ms. Ball) had an art meeting at the High Museum of Art on the teacher work day. As well as getting to walk through the amazing Frida & Diego exhibit, we got to meet local artist, Evereman.

Keep your eyes peeled next time you're downtown, he leaves his Evereman symbols in hidden places, if you find one you get to keep it! Mrs. Gunter and I got to use a branding press make our own wooden Evereman symbols.

Check out our pictures!

The Branding Press, Hot Hot Hot!
Mrs Gunter and Evereman, making her Evereman
Mrs. Gunter signing her Evereman
Ms. Ball making her Evereman, with Evereman!
Ms. Ball, signing her Evereman
Say cheese! Ms.Ball and Evereman

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Collagraph - Printmaking

Every year art teachers across our county teach 3rd graders Collagraph printmaking in unit 3. These two videos are great references and would be especially helpful if you decided to try it at home!

First, straightforward Stop Animation

Next, an Australian artist with a great beard and an awesome accent!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Major Blog Update!

I've made HUGE improvements to the blog! There is now a link at the bottom for parents to sign up to volunteer in the art room, a special message from me provided by Voki, some new links and an Art Gallery tab so you can see some of the artwork on display from home!