Lesson Plans

This a list of the lessons I plan to teach this year. As always in the wonderful world of art, it's best to stay flexible and "expect the unexpected", we may not get to all of them. 

5th Grade - 
Architecture Line Drawing
Cougar Paws and Cougars for the Year Book!
Tile Self-Portraits to be displayed on the walls of the school!
Big Prints
Quilled Pond
Clay Castle
Two Point Perspective Tree Houses
Large Loom Weaving

4th Grade - 
Georgia O'Keeffe Inspired Plants/Flowers
Positive/Negative Endangered Species Research Project
Food Print
Stained Glass Mobile
Polymer Food
One Point Perspective: Bird's Eye View
Paper Basket Weaving

3rd Grade - 
Jim Dine Collograph
Wire Tree Sculpture
Paper Snowflakes
Coil Pots
Wolf Kahn Landscapes
Graphic Ads
Radial Weaving

2nd Grade - 
Wayne Thiebaud Desserts
Seasonal Tissue Trees
Karla Gerard Clay Landscape Tile
Mondrian Mono Print
Quilled Cupcakes
Small Loom Weaving
Graphic Silhouette

1st Grade - 
Peacock Resist
Klimt Tree
Frank Gehry Architecture
Japanese Tea Bowls
Paper Fans
Snow Globe Prints
3D Paper Masks
Paul Klee Animals
Native American Pots

Kindergarten - 
Jim Dine Heart
Stellaluna Landscape
Clay Bat
Fish Bowl
Career Self-Portrait
Art Soup
Mehndi Hands